Training in Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Emerging Pathogens in Animal Populations in Latin America and the Caribbean

This is a professional development (training) program offered by the University of Florida over a twelve month period. The training program focuses on practical aspects of surveillance, epidemiology and laboratory diagnosis of priority pathogens of public health and veterinary importance. Veterinarians and laboratory personnel with interest in learning new epidemiologic and laboratory techniques participate in this training program, which is offered in collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán in Mexico. The training program includes a two-week workshop in epidemiology at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán in November, two additional weeks of hands-on training at the University of Florida in January, and structured distance education (mentoring) activities on-line and through sessions via videoconference, as well as through regular communication via email and phone call. Participants are expected to formulate, implement and evaluate a study that addresses an animal health issue relevant to the national veterinary service where he/she collaborates, and that has the potential to implement or update an existing animal health regulation. Currently, four veterinary medical officers from the Ministry of Agriculture in Peru are enrolled in this program. For more information and funding opportunities for this program, please contact Dr. Jorge Hernandez: