USDA FAS & UF Cooperative Program in Animal Health in Peru

USDA FAS and the University of Florida have signed cooperative agreement to deliver a capacity building and training program in animal health in Peru. The training program involves training activities for veterinary medical officers and laboratory professionals who work for Peru's Ministry of Agriculture. The main objective of this program is to enhance the epidemiology and laboratory capacity of SENASA (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria) – the agency responsible for regulation and delivery of animal health and plant health services in Peru. In June 2011, a five-day workshop in basic concepts of epidemiology and risk analysis was delivered to 25 veterinary medical officers at SENASA's headquarters in Lima, Peru. This initiative is part of a series of professional development workshops that will cover key areas such as animal disease surveillance systems, epidemiology and risk analysis, field and laboratory diagnosis of tranboundary diseases, animal identification and trace-back systems, epi demiology and diagnosis of classical swine fever, biosafety and biosecurity.